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Rare treat today my good friend David Massey from ADS Automotive from Preston, Lancashire, England has come all the way over especially to have his limited edition VW Golf GTI Clubsport 4 wheel aligned by us.

David is very particular about his car and so he should be as this rare high performance hatchback is one of 400 in the world and is running a mind boggling 420 BHP all through the front wheels making the correct alignment all the more important.

David is incredibly passionate about his Golf and fully appreciates the right skills and experience coupled with Hunter 4 Wheel alignment equipment is worth the time and effort to come and visit us here in Oranmore from all the way in England.

In order to carry out 4 wheel Alignment correctly it’s vital the vehicle is checked properly there is no worn components, all our staff are highly trained on the correct adjustment procedure required for all the various vehicle makes some vehicles requiring caster,camber,toe angle adjustments to include front and rear adjustments and steering angle resets ensuring that the car is not just tracked but is properly 4 wheel aligned

Here at Donnellan Auto services we offer the very best Hunter 4 wheel alignment service which not only improves the way in which car drives reducing fuel consumption and most importantly unnecessary tyre wear. Prices start from as little as €40 for a full assessment, to avoid tyre wear and improve handling book an appointment with