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Your air conditioning keeps you cool and fresh in the summer, Did you know that your air conditioning also keeps you windscreen dry in the winter helping you windows demist quicker,regular maintenance of your air conditioning is essential and should be checked every year and serviced every 2 years your air conditioning system will lose approx 10% of its refrigerant every year this is normal but it reduces the cooling performance and runs the risk of damage to some essential components , moisture & bacteria can build up over this time causing poor cooling and nasty smells in the car. By servicing your air conditioning you keep your air conditioning working at its optimum temperatures the refrigerant is dried and filtered , cleaned  &  bacteria free ,your air conditioning system also has filters that require replacement too just like your cars engine.

Every 12 months we recommend :  a visual inspection of all components, function and performance & temperature check, replace the pollen filter

Every 2 years we  recommend : a visual inspection of all components, function and performance check, replace the pollen filter, if necessary disinfect the evaporator,replace the filter/dryer , replace the refrigerant gas, carry out a leak test,

If you air conditioning isn’t working or if you feel its not cooling as it used to you can depend on the team at Donnellan Auto Services to check the system to see if it just needs a service or if you need some leak testing or repair , we can check and will recommend the best repair for you

Donnellan Auto Services offer a free Air conditioning performance check

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