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How to fix a VW Golf Turbo Charger Wastegate fault (Fault code: P2B93 00 / P25B4 00 / P25B3 00)

According to AutoExpress, the Volkswagen Golf is considered one of the most reliable cars on the road today, placing the car among the Top 10 most reliable cars in the world. That probably goes a long way to explaining why Volkswagen has such a solid and loyal following. 

However, having that level of reliability means that it can be very frustrating when something does go wrong, especially when you have a fault that happens intermittently, can’t be easily detected and fixed.

Luckily, here at Donnellan Auto Services, we are VW specialists working daily with all types of VW models. Consequently, we have experience with all kinds of faults, including the more unusual!

So, when Mr S brought his 2017 Volkswagen Golf to us at Donnellan Auto Services, we were able to get him back on the road quickly and safely.

Issues we found

We maintain customers’ Volkswagens as the manufacturer intended, ensuring the cars we service continue to perform as expected and as reliably as possible. Therefore, we can provide our clients with the first-time fix they deserve. At Donnellan Auto Services, we use a unique 15 step diagnostic evaluation process that allows us to access the vehicle data and determine what is causing the problem.

With Mr S’s 2017 Volkswagen Golf displaying an engine warning light and losing power when it arrived at our independent Galway VW garage, our team of VW specialists began investigating the cause immediately.

On his dashboard, Mr S noticed the engine management light and his VW was suffering from a loss of power. The problem did not occur every time. It was intermittent, which further frustrated the customer.

Diagnosing the problem

After receiving the car to our independent VW Garage, we conducted a comprehensive visual inspection. The inspection revealed nothing that could cause the engine management light to come on, so we accessed the supply data.

The data identified the following fault codes:

  • P2B93 00 – Wastegate Position Sensor 1 (Learning Limits Exceeded)
  • P25B4 00 – Turbocharger/Supercharger Wastegate 1 (Stuck Closed)
  • P25B3 00 – Turbocharger/Supercharger Wastegate 1 (Stuck Open)

Now, we understand that not everyone is savvy with the parts and terminology, so let us explain what the Turbocharger Wastegate does and how it works.

A wastegate is a valve that controls the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine of a turbocharger. The job of the wastegate is to divert excess exhaust gases away from the turbine whilst controlling the speed of the turbine. By controlling the turbine speed, the wastegate regulates the boost pressure thus protecting the turbocharger and the engine from damage.

Anyway, back to the fix! 

After finding the fault codes, our VW specialist examined the VW bulletins to see if these fault codes were a common problem within the VW range. Using the bulletins can speed up our diagnosis and eliminate guesswork.

A VW bulletin confirmed that Mr S’s VW Golf exhibited all of the same fault codes. Using this manufacturer information along with our expert knowledge of the VW engine, we checked the Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator rod and found a great deal of corrosion around the connection. If corrosion builds up, the mechanism will become stiff, and the wastegate will continue to not close or not open.

Fixing the car

After performing our examination of the problem, we knew that we had to replace the actuator rod with the updated part that VW had released in light of this common issue. After this was accomplished, a basic settings test of the Turbocharger Wastegate motor was conducted, along with a visual check of the Wastegate while it was operating to confirm it was no longer stiff or blocked.

As a final check, we took the VW Golf for a road test and confirmed the fault had been fixed and the engine management light was not illuminated.


Donnellan Auto Services has access to the latest manufacturer updates and guidelines as an independent VW garage, which helps our expert technicians ensure that our VW clients are always safe on the road.

Our experts combined their knowledge and experience with the VW manufacturer guidelines to replace the faulty actuator rod and replace the part. We replaced the part with a new genuine part as recommended by VW, ensuring the fault was resolved with an equally high-quality part to the one we replaced. The repair of Mr S’s VW golf would have taken a lot longer without this expertise and could have cost the client a lot more time and money than was necessary.

We provide five-star customer service with excellent value to our clients. Our independent VW garage Galway is dedicated to client safety and value for money.

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