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How to fix Audi Q2 electronics malfunction (Fault Code B1162 29)

When you get in your car, the last thing you want to see is a dashboard warning message. You’ve probably experienced this yourself.

Unfortunately, a worrying electrical malfunction error code appeared on the dashboard of Mr D’s Audi Q2.

Even though the car worked and the fault didn’t affect any functions, it’s not what you want to see when you start your engine.

In addition, who knows what’s going on under that bonnet of your car? The last thing you want to do is ignore the problem; it can result in more costly issues. 

Having feared the worst, he brought his Audi Q2 to Donnellan Auto Services for an inspection.

Issues we found

We found that the car’s fault memory had been cleared – there were no error messages being displayed in the Audi’s serial data.

Odd, but Mr D confirmed another garage had looked over the car but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The other garage had recommended Donnellan Auto Services to Mr D. Even other garages recognise our expertise!

Even though the fault was cleared, Mr D provided an excellent description of the issue and informed our experts about the onscreen warning message “Vehicle electronics malfunction”.

Despite having a good understanding of what was going on, our Audi specialists had to perform tests to confirm their suspicions.

Diagnosing the problem

Because the error code was not currently showing, we decided to run the car for a while to see if the fault reappeared.

Our suspicions were confirmed when the car faulted.

The Audi Q2 displayed error code B1162 29, indicating a problem with the ‘selector lever park position lock switch’.

Our experts knew what was wrong with the car and knew they could fix it.

All of Donnellan Auto Services technicians follow a 15-step diagnostic process. This method ensures we find all problems with your car quickly, saving you time and money.

The 15-step process ensures that nothing is overlooked in the process.

There are many types of error codes. It is important to eliminate all possible causes.

Fortunately for Mr D, his Audi Q2 was free of hidden faults under the surface.

There was only one problem: a faulty park switch within the gear selector module.

It is usually necessary to replace the entire unit when this part fails. However, Audi has developed a repair kit that bypasses the original switch, saving you a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately, not all garages are aware of this. 

Due to our technicians’ experience, we could provide Mr D with a cost-effective solution by bypassing the parking switch.

Fixing the car

Mr D had two options:

  1. Replace the entire unit, which is expensive.
  2. Using the Audi repair kit to bypass the parking switch which is the cheaper Audi-approved alternative (our recommendation).

Mr D went with the bypass option, as you might expect.

With a solution in hand, our technicians got to work. They bypassed the old park switch by fitting the new one inside the gear selector module.

For our repairs, Donnellan Auto Services uses genuine Audi parts. Our goal is to make sure your premium car has the premium parts it needs; we don’t deal with low-quality parts.

Cheaper car parts aren’t up to the task and don’t last as long as they should.

The Audi Q2 ran like new after the bypass was completed and the replacement parts were installed.

After clearing the warning lights, Mr D confidently left our garage with a massive smile on his face now that his car could be driven again like new.


The dashboard of Mr D’s Audi Q2 had a warning for ‘Vehicle electronics malfunction.’ Despite taking his car to a local garage, they couldn’t repair it.

After another local garage recommended us to him, Mr D ended up bringing his car to Donnellan Auto Services.

After an initial assessment, our experts identified the problem using our 15 step diagnostic process. The Audi Q2 had an issue with its park switch. 

Now, most garages faced with this situation would recommend replacing the whole unit; talk about a pricey task. However, our technicians are Audi experts, so they knew there was an Audi approved alternative. They recommended an Audi-approved bypass which saved Mr D a great deal of money.

Following the bypass, the Audi Q2 ran as good as new.

Mr D was ecstatic; not only was his car fixed, but the cost was lower than an Audi dealer.

Call our Audi specialists at Donnellan Auto Services if the dashboard of your Audi Q2 is lit up with warning lights. Our Audi experts are always available to assist you.

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