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How to Solve Windscreen Wiper Issue on a Volkswagen Polo  

In the modern age, reliability has become a luxury in the automotive industry. Even the German marques, known for their dependability, sometimes encounter issues – it is a common side-effect of mass production. The more cars you produce, the more chances there are for a fault to materialise. 

We agree that such issues shouldn’t happen in this day and age, but cars are machines with thousands of components, so we  should cut the manufacturers some slack, especially if the problems are infrequent. 

A windscreen wiper malfunction due to wear and tear, for example, may not be considered a  big deal in the grand scheme of things. You could call it more of an annoyance. But when something like this happens, as a vehicle owner it’s understandably frustrating. 

One of our clients was unfortunate enough to experience a windscreen wiper issue in his 2015 Volkswagen Polo. He was worried about his safety when he called us to discuss the issue with our VW specialist. 

Our client outlined that the wipers on his Polo were working even when the switch was off. Now, something like that would not be annoying when it is raining outside, but if the wipers are working continuously in dry weather, they can become a distraction. On top of that, there is a higher chance of the wiper motor breaking down. 

Thankfully, our client’s response was to remove the relevant fuse to cut the supply of electricity to the motor. Once he did that, he drove down to our garage for assistance, and one of our expert technicians started to formulate a plan of action.

What We Found 

Our technician listened to all of our clients complaints and formulated a plan to execute the repair. But before moving on with the diagnosis, they had to certify the client’s claims. Therefore, our technician opened the fuse box and put back the missing fuse. They started the car and thoroughly inspected the windshield wipers, which were working as the client had described. Sure enough, there was no response from the wiper switch. Even shifting the lever’s position didn’t change anything. 

After confirming the fault, our Volkswagen expert looked for fault codes. He used the Odis tool to scan the car for the error codes, but nothing relevant was present. 

The only way forward after that was to dig in deeper and find the root cause of the problem.     

Diagnosing the Problem

All the technicians at Donnellans use the 15-step diagnostic procedure to guide them throughout the repair job. The detailed process involves checking every faulty component relevant to the repair such that no stone is left unturned. As a result of this approach, our specialists can quickly find the fault and apply an effective solution. 

The VW specialist working on our client’s Polo used the same diagnostic process, and as a result, they reached the core of the problem with time to spare. 

The first order of business was to re-attach the fuse so that electricity could easily flow through the wiper motor. Once that was done, the technician had to scan the car for fault codes. Unfortunately, the search turned up nothing useful. The scan showed nothing relevant to the wiper issue. 

Usually, code scans can lead you to the problem area, but when that is not possible, the technician has to look for more creative ways to find the fault. 

Our VW expert had to do the same, as he used the dealer’s diagnostic tool on the Polo to connect with the control unit relevant to windscreen wipers. They checked the live data and looked at the signals coming in and out of the wiper stalk. Usually, the data can tell the true story. In this case, that’s exactly what happened. 

The technician learned that the signals coming from the wiper lever were abnormal. These signals were telling the motor to work constantly. 

Suddenly, the culprit was right in front of our VW specialist’s eyes. They could now begin thinking of the repair plan, having caught the fault red-handed. 

But before proceeding with the repair, the technician had to confirm the fault through evidence. Therefore, the next step was to check the windscreen wiper electrical connections, and for that, we used Erwin to study the wiring diagrams. Our technician found the relevant wiring loom, after which he proceeded with their inspection. 

The Donnellans’ VW expert found that the relevant connections were hiding underneath the steering wheel. 

They loosened all the screws, and removed the steering wheel, along with the supporting stalks. The wiring loom was now completely exposed, and the technician could easily inspect each wire coming in and out of the wiper lever. 

We looked at the live and earth wire connections to ensure they were properly connected. Fortunately, the communication network was in one piece, which meant the signals coming from the stalk were flawlessly transferring information to the wiper motor.    

In that case, the only culprit was the lever, as it was sending abnormal signals to the windscreen wipers. The fix was simple – remove the defective stalk and replace it with a new one. 

The Repair 

The highly effective 15-step diagnostic procedure clarified the issue. The technician now knew the route to take to solve the wiper issue.

They started by removing the stalks from the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the wiper lever and the indicator lever had to be removed. That’s because VW makes them as one component. They are not separate from each other. 

So, the Donnellan technician removed and replaced the faulty part with a brand-new one. Once the new stalk was in place and the wires were connected, the technician tested the wipers. Luckily, they were working as intended, so our VW expert put the steering wheel back in its place. 

After the steering wheel was back in position, they tightened the screws and retested the wipers. Sure enough, they were working fine. 

Next, our VW technician checked the car for fault codes, and thankfully, nothing came up on the scan. 

All that was left now was to hand the vehicle back to our client, who was eagerly waiting for the repair to finish.  

The client thanked our Polo specialist and vowed to come back in a few days with another one of his vehicles. 


The 15-step diagnostic procedure used by our technicians at Donnellans helped us to find the problem quickly. We solved the issue for our client in no time and handed him back the car with time to spare. Our client was so impressed by the expert’s work that he promised to bring another one of his cars to Donnellans for repair. 

Of course, that wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t provide exemplary service and great value for our client’s money. 

If you are still searching for a garage that values you, your time, and your money, then do not hesitate to contact the experts at the Donnellan’s garage. You can contact us on 091 792474 to get an appointment. 

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