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bmw garage galway

BMW Garage Galway


Here at Donnellan Auto Services, we are your local BMW specialists covering all of your BMW needs. 

If you need a service, repairs, tyres, brakes or anything else for that matter, our BMW garage in Galway can help. We provide you with a premium service at great value for money.

Passionate about working with BMW, we maintain all manual, automatic, electric and hybrid models. Our team have the experience and skills to ensure that you receive the level of care you and your BMW deserve.  Using genuine BMW parts and manufacturer recommended guidelines, we provide you with the best servicing and repair results every time.

We are a local BMW Garage Galway with five star reviews. Our clients gave us this feedback based on our service and value for money compared to the local BMW Galway dealer. Why choose anyone else to look after your BMW?

bmw garage galway

BMW Car Service

We are BMW specialists due to our expert knowledge and approach to caring for our clients’ BMWs.

Our 15-step diagnostic process and access to recommended manufacturer guidelines, we leave nothing to guesswork. No swapping out parts. We offer our clients a first-time fix at the highest standard.

Our knowledge and expertise combined with regular servicing allow our technicians to find faults that other garages might miss and reduce your vehicle’s risk of failure or breakdown.

Working with Donnellan Auto Services will also keep your existing BMW warranties in place, giving you that additional peace of mind that you made the right choice when choosing our team.

servicing bmw garage galway


Your BMW NCT doesn’t have to be an inconvenience, and here at Donnellan Auto Services BMW Garage Galway, we work with you to make it as easy as possible.

We will inspect your BMW and undertake any remedial repairs before your NCT Galway. Alternatively, if repairs have been identified during your BMW’s NCT please get in touch so we can help get you back on the road safely and as quickly as possible.

We recommend you combine your NCT with your BMW Service. Contact our team today to book your appointment.

nct bmw garage galway

Arrange your appointment today with your local BMW garage Galway

tyres bmw garage galway

BMW Tyres Galway

Your tyres keep you safely connected on the road and are vital in preventing possible accidents. Contact the team today at Donnellan Auto Services to book your free tyre assessment.

air con bmw garage galway

BMW Air Con Galway

Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter as well as demisting your windscreen is all part of why your air conditioning is critical. Book your air conditioning service today.

brakes bmw garage galway

BMW Brakes Galway

Don’t let your brakes make you another statistic – many accidents could be avoided with brakes that are correctly serviced. If you notice any change in your brakes, get in touch immediately to book a brake check.

batteries bmw garage galway

BMW Batteries Galway

If you have noticed a change in your lights or a clicking noise when starting the engine, it could be a sign that your battery is running low. Before it becomes a problem, contact our team and let us complete a battery check.

diagnostics bmw garage galway

BMW Diagnostics Galway

We have the tools and knowledge to find faults that other garages may not see. Accessing the serial data from your BMW means we remove the guesswork and give you a first-time fix. Book your diagnostic evaluation today.

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gearbox bmw garage galway

BMW Clutch & Gearbox Galway

If you feel a change in your biting point, it could signify that you may have a fault with your clutch and gearbox. Before it becomes an expensive repair, contact our team to book your appointment.

dpf bmw garage galway

BMW DFP Galway

Your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is working to reduce your vehicle emissions. But if it is faulty, you run the risk of a failed NCT and possible fines. Our team is happy to help before it becomes a problem. For your BMW DPF check, call us today.

exhausts bmw garage galway

BMW Exhausts

Are you noticing a difference in your driving performance or a noisy rattle from your exhaust? It could mean that you have an issue with your exhaust. Get in touch to book in with our technicians before it becomes a bigger problem.

Would you like to know more about how we have helped Galway BMW owners get the most from their vehicles?

Please read our blog to find out more.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my BMW service?

We give our clients the facts and the opportunity for you to ask questions.

We pride ourselves on timely and clear communication with our customers. After our initial inspection, we will be in contact with you to explain our findings and recommendations. After that, the decision for work to be completed is 100% up to you.

Our team will complete no work on your BMW without your consent, so you will never be hit with any hidden costs. Donnellan Auto Services BMW Garage Galway have a team of expert technicians here for you.

donnellan auto services galway

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Additional benefits of choosing Donnellan Auto Services:

courtesy cars at donnellan auto services

Courtesy Car

We have partnered with Enterprise Car Rental who can provide you with great rates if you need a car whilst we care for your vehicle. Please let our team know when booking your appointment and we can provide you with more detail.

out of hours at donnellans auto services

Out of hours drop off and collection

We provide an out-of-hours drop-off and collection service for clients who find it difficult to visit us during our regular opening hours. If this is you, let our team know when booking and we will arrange everything.

finance at donnellan auto services

Finance Payment Plans

Maintaining your BMW on a budget is possible with our Finance Payment Plans. To find out more details about our plans, speak to one of our team today.

recovery services at donnellans auto services

24/7 call out and recovery

We offer a 24/7 call-out and recovery service to ensure we can get our clients and their car back to safety. Contact us on 91 792474

Customer Feedback

  • Rachel Cosgrove

    20th October 2022

    I was very happy with the service which was performed on my car. I was kept up to date of repairs and all costs involved. I would highly recommend Donnellans and will definitely return for my next service.

  • Patricia Carton

    21st April 2022

    This is my go to garage for all my car's needs.
    This week my son had an emergency situation, travelling to visit me, so I called John for advice.
    He provided me with a phone number to get my son help (stranded with a burst tyre on the motorway with 3 small children).
    He then took the car in, gave it the once over, advised me of what needed doing and carried out the necessary... Read More

  • Sean Lyons

    14th July 2021

    Our car broke down outside hotel we were staying in which is about a mile from this garage (DAS). We phoned Donnellan Auto Services. They came out tested battery, took the car and replaced the battery and returned the car all within an hour. Simply outstanding


Our specialist BMW Garage Galway is located just off exit 19 from the M6 motorway, on the Oranmore Business Park.

An easily accessible location for all your BMW needs.

If you are looking for BMW expert advice, contact Donnellan Auto Services for your appointment today.

Donnellan Auto Services Galway

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