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bmw specialist galway

BMW Specialist Galway


Local BMW Specialist Galway that has all your BMW needs covered. Our name is Donnellan Auto Services, and we are here for all your BMW servicing, repair and maintenance needs.

With over 20 years of experience working with the premium German brand, we have the knowledge and expertise to maintain your BMW to the highest standard. Client safety is our priority, so only using genuine BMW parts and manufacturer information and equipment is standard with our expert technicians.

Our clients have rated us five-star. What’s more we offer this premium service at independent garage prices, saving you money on your BMW service bills.

An expert and personalised service for you and your BMW.

bmw specialist galway

8 reasons why Donnellan Auto Services are better than the BMW Galway dealer


Save money on all BMW services compared to the local BMW Galway dealer


Local, family-run business offering independent advice with 20 years of expertise in BMW


5-star reviews from our clients so you don’t need to compromise on service


Your existing BMW warranties will remain in place with Donnellan Auto Services


Free courtesy car service to allow you to remain mobile whilst we service your BMW


Out of hours drop off and collection is available in case our hours don’t work for you


Flexible finance plans are available to help spread the cost of servicing and repairs


24/7 call out and recovery service for when you breakdown and need help getting back to safety

How Donnellan Auto Services can help with keeping your BMW in peak condition

bmw specialist galway

BMW Service Galway

Being your BMW Specialist Galway means we have the expert knowledge and experience to maintain your BMW for performance and efficiency. Save time and money with Donnellan Auto Services. Call today to book your BMW Galway service.

bmw specialist galway

Repairs & Maintenance

Using genuine BMW parts for all our repairs means you have the peace of mind that your BMW’s integrity is maintained. And our specialist knowledge, along with BMW information and guidelines, means that we offer our clients that first time fix every time.

bmw specialist galway

BMW NCT Galway

Our BMW specialists are here to help your BMW pass it’s NCT. Whether you want us to prepare your BMW for it’s NCT or we need to fix any issues identified, our BMW experts are here for you. Maintaining your BMW to keep you and those around you safe is our priority.

Commons issues identified with BMW


DPF: Your Diesel Particulate Filter removes harmful exhaust particles, keeping your car within EU guidelines. If it fails, your BMW could run the risk of extensive repairs and could fail it’s NCT. Speak to our team today to see if your DPF is due to be changed.


Oil Levels: Has your oil level dropped, or have you noticed oil puddles under your car? If this is not fixed straight away, it could lead to a costly engine repair.


EGR Coolers: Exhaust Gas Recirculation coolers are there to reduce emissions from your exhaust system. If these aren’t working, you could end up with an engine that overheats, causing you more repairs if not fixed. If you have noticed a leaking exhaust or a change in engine temperature, contact our technicians today.


Swirl Flap: Designed to improve fuel efficiency, it becomes a major repair should it fail or break. If you have noticed whooshing noises when you accelerate, please get in touch immediately and save yourself from an expensive headache.


Carbon Build Up: We have seen that a carbon build-up can sometimes occur in the engine, which leads to problems starting your car or a jerking motion to the vehicle drive. Neither of which is what you want from your BMW. Contact us straight away if you encounter these problems.


Thermostat: Thermostat faults lead to your engine overheating, and these cause more problems for your radiator and coolant system. Has your engine performance changed, or have you noticed your engine running hotter than usual? Book in with your BMW Specialist Galway, and let us take care of getting you back on the road.

Would you like more information about how our BMW specialists have helped other BMW Galway owners like yourself?

Check out our blog for more details about our approach to caring for you and your BMW.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my BMW service?

Our promise to all of our clients is to keep you informed every step of the way when it comes to the service and repairs to your BMW.

After our initial inspection, we will be in touch to let you know our findings and recommendations. Only after you have all the facts and make your decision do we begin work on your car. There is never any pressure or hidden costs with Donnellan Auto Services – your BMW Specialist Galway.

donnellan auto services galway

Additional benefits of choosing Donnellan Auto Services

courtesy cars at donnellan auto services

Courtesy Car

We have partnered with Enterprise Car Rental who can provide you with great rates if you need a car whilst we care for your vehicle. Please let our team know when booking your appointment and we can provide you with more detail.

out of hours at donnellans auto services

Out of hours drop off and collection

We offer an out of hours drop off and collection service to ensure you have control over your day. Please don’t change your schedule, speak to our team about our out of hours service when booking.

finance at donnellan auto services

Finance Payment Plans

Flexible payment plans are available to make sure our clients can maintain their BMW whilst managing their budget. Ask one of our team for more information.

recovery services at donnellans auto services

24/7 call out and recovery

A 24/7 call out service to give you peace of mind that we will always be there should your car break down, and we will get the car back to our garage to investigate and get you back on the road as soon as possible.


We are a family-run, local BMW Specialist Galway located on Oranmore Business Park.

We are conveniently located just off exit 19 from the M6 motorway – saving you time and money when maintaining your BMW.

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