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Donnellan Auto Service – Specialists in Car Repair Galway

Donnellan Auto Services offer a full range of car repair and services, making sure we cover all your car repair needs whilst providing excellent customer service.

With over 20 years of experience, there isn’t much our team of technicians can’t fix.

Expertise with the charm of a local car repair Galway garage, who specialise in Audi, VW, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

So if you have a specific problem or want to keep your car in top condition, Donnellan Auto Services has got you covered.

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Air Conditioning Galway

Your car’s air conditioning system plays a vital role in all your vehicle’s heating and ventilation systems.  

Servicing your air conditioning system will not only keep you cool in the summer but also help to de-mist your windscreen on those cold winter mornings.

We recommend you service your vehicle air conditioning system every 12-18 months to ensure you are always comfortable.

Need to service your air conditioning Galway? Contact us today on 91 792474

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Tyres Galway

Your tyres are the only contact point between you and the road. That means they’re critical to the safe driving of your car.

Driving on worn tyres is putting you and your family in danger. Don’t risk it.

Whether you want your tread depth checked, need new tyres or want your wheels aligned, our expert technicians are ready and waiting.

For car tyres in Galway, call Donnellan Auto Services today.

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Diagnostics Galway

Not many people understand the warning lights on their car dashboard, let alone know how to fix them.

And as cars have evolved, so has the role of the mechanic. Our team is a testament to this. Our technicians are able to deal with all aspects of your car repair, including electrical faults. Donnellan Auto Services completes a 15 step evaluation process with every vehicle to get to the root cause and remove the guesswork. No stones are left unturned, and no parts are replaced unnecessarily.

Contact our team to arrange your Diagnostic Galway appointment today, and we will be happy to help.

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For Car Repair Galway – Contact Donnellan Auto Services today.


Brakes are essential in keeping you and those around you safe and in control of your vehicle. Even the slightest change in stopping distance can cause avoidable accidents.

If you have noticed a change in the responsiveness of your brakes, we recommend you have them checked straight away to avoid further damage and a possible accident. Regular checks to your brake pads and discs can also maximise their service life, saving you money.

Donnellan Auto Services are here to help. For brakes Galway, contact us today.

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Suspension Galway

Over the years, car suspension systems have become a lot more sophisticated. There to give you a smooth ride whilst protecting other working parts from the inevitable speed bumps and potholes we face every day on our roads.

Naturally, maintaining that suspension system has also become essential work to protect the car’s integrity. Have you noticed any change in handling? Or does your ride feel a bit more rigid? If so, we recommend you have your suspension checked to save you from further damage and expense.

Need to check your suspension Galway? Contact our team, who will be more than happy to help.

Batteries Galway

When you are in a rush is usually the time that the battery on your car stops working, causing a huge inconvenience, costing you time and money.

Having a battery check with Donnellan Auto Service could save you the stress and headache of a car that won’t start when you most need it. We use only premium batteries to give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will work as it is supposed to.

For all things car batteries Galway – Donnellan Auto Services are here for you.

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For Car Repair Galway – Contact Donnellan Auto Services today.

Clutches Galway

At Donnellan Auto Services we can help maintain and service your gearbox/clutch which could save you a lot of money in the long run.

A clutch replacement is a specialist repair that you don’t want to leave to just anyone. That’s why our team of technicians are highly trained in all manual, semi-automatic and automatic gearboxes, giving our clients the peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

Are you having problems with your clutch? Have you noticed a grinding noise or burning smell when using the clutch? If so, contact our team today and let our technicians have a look. Catch the repair early and don’t run the risk of a complete replacement.

Call Donnellan Auto Services today to fix your clutch Galway.

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Exhausts Galway

A noisy exhaust can be the first sign of something wrong with your car’s exhaust system.

And a faulty exhaust can cause not only a poor driving experience but can also be the reason for a failed NCT.

Exhaust repairs are something our team deal with regularly, and with our knowledge and experience, we work hard to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Need help with your exhaust Galway? Contact our team for your appointment today.

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DPF – Diesel Particulate Filter Galway

The Diesel Particulate Filter is in place to reduce emissions and keep you within the strict standards set. A faulty DPF can cause an NCT fail and a possible fine.

We recommend that your diesel particulate filter is regularly checked and replaced where necessary. Maybe you have noticed a cloud of thick smoke coming from your exhaust or a dip in your vehicle performance? Contact our team for a DPF check straight away.

Noticing changes to the performance of your diesel vehicle? Let Donnellan Auto Services check your DPF Galway – It could save you money.

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For Car Repair Galway – Contact Donnellan Auto Services today.

Lighting Galway

Visibility is key to your safety when driving your car, and that means making sure your vehicle’s lights and indicators are in full working condition. 

The Gardai also issue fines for faulty lights on your car, which will be much more than the cost of a replacement bulb.

Whether it’s checking a fault or changing a bulb, we are happy to help.

Save yourself the cost and headache and book with Donnellan Auto Service for Car Lighting Galway.

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Light Commercial & Van Servicing and Repairs Galway

Every second your commercial vehicle is off the road is the time when your business is losing money. At Donnellan Auto Services, we understand and offer a comprehensive light    Our team of technicians can help you prepare your commercial vehicle for the CVRT, as well as completing any remedial work identified on the CVRT.

Keep your business and commercial vehicles running smoothly with regular servicing and maintenance.

For Van Servicing Galway, contact us on 91 792474 to book your service today.

ADAS Galway

Advanced Driver Assistance systems is a group of systems that control safety features within your vehicle. As cars become more sophisticated, ADAS has become a standard feature.

As we become more reliant on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, it can significantly increase your risk of accidents when it is faulty. A reason to get your ADAS checked as soon as you notice a problem with the system. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to care for your ADAS, making your safety our priority.

adas car repair galway

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Galway

With Hybrid & Electric vehicles becoming more common on our roads, garages have had to move quickly to care for the complex electric/hybrid cars.

Donnellan Auto Services has been ahead of the game to ensure our technicians are expertly trained and our garage is fully equipped to cover all your electric vehicle needs.

You look after the planet; let us look after you.

Need a service for your electric vehicle Galway? Call us on 91 792474 and arrange your service today.

Customer Feedback

  • Roisin O'Connor

    6th February 2024

    Excellent service at this garage

  • Jannick Pommerenck

    6th December 2023

    always fair, always underpromises and over delivers

  • Eugene Mc Laughlin

    23rd October 2023

    Quick turnaround, reasonably priced. Good communication with detailed updates on additional work required. Highly recommended

  • Deirdre McCormack

    19th September 2023

    Best mechanics in Galway. Thanks for fitting my service in at such short notice and giving car once over before NCT. Really appreciate it. Very professional set up and all so friendly in there.

  • Dermot Sheerin

    18th September 2023

    I have being dealing with Donnellans Auto garage for over 8 years now. John who is a complete gentleman and his team are top class. Great service, very fast and professional. John or Helen always discuss the cost of repair in advance which is definitely appreciated. Very reputable garage and always a top notch service.

  • Malachy O' Connor

    2nd August 2023

    Always very efficient and guaranteed a very good service. Very pleasant and helpful staff.

  • Garry Duffy

    14th July 2023

    It’s absolute easy to recommend Donnellans - John and the team got me out of a bind so quickly this week with a flat tire and the service is top notch. From the minute I rang Helen, they quickly responded, communicated at each step and had me back on the road in no time as I was on holidays with no car. We’ve used them for all our car needs since moving from Dublin 5 years ago. Very... Read More

  • Acton Moore

    6th June 2023

    I've gotten cars serviced with John and his team for ~10years. I find them extremely professional, great value for money and the work carried out is always excellent.

  • Jonathan Moore

    13th March 2023

    John and his team sorted out a few issues I had once and for all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Thomas Kelly

    10th January 2023

    I have used Donnellan Auto services for a long number of years and have always found their service and expertise excellent and friendly . John and his team will always go that extra mile to fix and repair ,in a timely and cost effective way what ever is needed to keep me motoring. I have brought newish and old cars to John at various times, he and his team bring a depth of knowledge ,of new... Read More

  • Meagan Lynch

    15th December 2022

    Great service. Despite being completely booked out took care of my car after an emergency.

  • James Mannion

    3rd December 2022

    Donnellan Auto Services replaced a headlight and did a full service on our BMW 520, they also did a very thorough diagnostics check on the car. Very professional and honest to deal with, attention to detail was second to none. Will definitely be back.

  • Kevin J.K. Bolger

    24th November 2022

    My first time to use Donnellan Services. Nothing was a bother for them. Very professional to deal with.
    Will definitely return .
    Thank you John and his team.

  • David Corcoran

    18th November 2022

    Very pleased with the service provided by Donnellan’s. They changed the timing belt on my A5 for me and did a vehicle inspection. The car was valeted before return. I found them to be very professional and helpful, and I will certainly use their services again.

  • Rachel Cosgrove

    20th October 2022

    I was very happy with the service which was performed on my car. I was kept up to date of repairs and all costs involved. I would highly recommend Donnellans and will definitely return for my next service.

  • Patricia Carton

    21st April 2022

    This is my go to garage for all my car's needs.
    This week my son had an emergency situation, travelling to visit me, so I called John for advice.
    He provided me with a phone number to get my son help (stranded with a burst tyre on the motorway with 3 small children).
    He then took the car in, gave it the once over, advised me of what needed doing and carried out the necessary... Read More

  • Sean Lyons

    14th July 2021

    Our car broke down outside hotel we were staying in which is about a mile from this garage (DAS). We phoned Donnellan Auto Services. They came out tested battery, took the car and replaced the battery and returned the car all within an hour. Simply outstanding

For Car Repair Galway – Contact Donnellan Auto Services today.