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Donnellan Auto Services Fleet Services Galway

For over ten years, Donnellan Auto Services has offered a comprehensive fleet service & maintenance program, working with companies from Galway and the surrounding areas, taking the stress out of maintaining your company vehicles.

Our fleet Galway services include a 24/7 call-out and recovery service and a free collection and delivery service within the Galway area.

fleet service galway

Why choose Donnellan Auto Services for looking after your fleet vehicle?

For over ten years, Donnellan Auto Services has been servicing and maintaining fleet cars for companies across Ireland.

We understand the importance of keeping your fleet vehicles on the road and offer specialised fleet service and maintenance plans.

Within our Fleet service and maintenance plans, we offer our clients reassurance and guidance in the upkeep of their fleet. We provide our clients with a detailed report for all service requirements and estimates.

Also, keeping a comprehensive service history of every vehicle on our database means that we will contact you when your CVRT or NCT is due, taking the stress away from you. And no matter what size of the job, whether it’s a significant repair or a simple light bulb replacement, we are available immediately to all our fleet service and maintenance clients.

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fleet service galway

What is a fleet vehicle?

A Fleet vehicle is any car or van that is part of a company ownership programme.

Whether that’s your small group of executive Mercedes cars on a company car programme, or maybe it’s a fleet of small commercial vans, these are both examples of fleet vehicles.

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Can you service my fleet car?

Of course, we can.

We would recommend that the owner of the fleet scheme gets in touch with our team, and we can get your fleet vehicle registered under our Fleet Galway service and maintenance plan.

I manage a fleet car programme – can you help?

We designed our Fleet Galway service and maintenance plan to make fleet management easier for you.

The program means that we record all details of service, CVRT and NCT requirements, and we will contact you when these are due, so you don’t have to waste your time tracking the maintenance of your fleet.

fleet service galway

Call today to find out more about our Fleet Service in Galway

What are the benefits of a service?

A regular service will ensure the upkeep and longevity of your fleet, keeping your business on the road.

A service can also identify issues that could cost you a lot more money in the longer term, like extensive repairs or even potential fines.

What happens during a service? What do you check/replace?


Visibility: Checks to all front and rear lights, glass, wipers, exterior mirrors and registration plates are completed within the service.


Steering & Suspension: All joints, gaiters, wheel bearings and front and rear suspension, including linkages, shock absorbers and road springs, are checked for integrity and safety.


Under the bonnet: A check of air and oil filters, spark plugs and drive belts is completed, and these parts will be replaced if required. An entire system check is conducted to check for leaks.


Under the vehicle: A complete inspection of all fuel lines and a check for any leaks within the system is completed. Oil is drained from the system and replaced with new to keep the engine in top condition.


Braking system: A complete check to the front and rear brakes, including pads and discs and service life measurements. Items will be refitted or replaced if needed to ensure your safety and those around you.


Tyres: Wheels and tyres, including your spare wheel and/or inflation kit, are checked for serviceability. Tyre pressures are checked and adjusted if required.


Internal checks: Service check of all seat belts, horn, hazard lighting and driver displays to confirm all in working order.


Final checks: A final check of the engine system, including brake fluid and antifreeze levels is completed. Our technicians will update the service log, and the car is ready to be returned to you.

How quickly can you book me in?

At Donnellan Auto Services, we will always try to get you booked in at your earliest convenience.

Please get in touch with our team today, and they will be happy to help arrange your service.

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Friday – 8.30 – 17.45
Saturday & Sunday – Closed

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my service?

Our team believes that communication is a vital part of all our client relationships. We ensure that you are informed throughout the process whilst your car is in our care.

If our service highlights work required for your vehicle, we will contact you before any work is completed. We will offer our recommendations for the maintenance of your fleet Galway vehicle(s), along with the associated costs, and then the decision is yours.

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