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nct galway

NCT Galway

NCT Galway

Donnellan Auto Services is an award-winning, independent garage in Galway covering all your NCT needs.

To prepare your car for it’s NCT or if your car needs NCT Galway repairs, call us today.


nct galway

Why Donnellan Auto Services for your NCT Preparation and Repairs?

If you’re looking for honest, reliable and affordable servicing and repairs for your NCT in Galway, our team of expert technicians are here for you.

We work hard to keep you and your vehicle safely on the road, with over 20 years of experience across all brands, including Audi, VW, BMW and Mercedes.

What is an NCT?

As a compulsory inspection programme, the NCT (National Car Testing) is part of an EU directive to meet specific minimum standards.

The testing is designed to make sure that the vehicle remains safely on the road and meets environmental standards for emissions.

If your car is less than ten years old, it will be required to have its NCT every two years until its 10th anniversary, at which point it becomes an annual requirement.

To make sure your car passes it’s NCT, call Donnellan Auto Services today so we can help prepare your vehicle or help with any recommended repairs.

Helping you prepare for your NCT Galway!

If you need repairs to get your car through it’s NCT Galway, we’re here to help.

nct galway

When is my NCT due?

It is a legal requirement that if your car is less than ten years old then an NCT is required every two years. After the 10th anniversary of the car your NCT becomes an annual requirement.

If you are unsure if your NCT is due, please contact our team and we will find out when your next NCT is due.

nct galway

Can I book early?

There is no disadvantage of booking your NCT early. In fact, we would recommend it.

As long as it is no more than 90 days before your current NCT certificate expiry date, there is no disadvantage to booking early.

How quickly can you get me in for NCT repairs?

We always try to accommodate our clients’ needs, especially when booking an appointment convenient for you. We’re open:

Monday to Friday – 8.30 – 17.45
Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Please call us to arrange a convenient time and date.

nct galway

How can I book?

If you need our help to prepare your car for its NCT or NCT re-test in Galway, contact us on 91 792474, and a member of our team will get you booked in at your earliest convenience.

If I need work completed to get it through the NCT, can this be done straight away?

Once we have completed our pre-NCT inspection, we will contact you to let you know if any remedial work is necessary, as well as the cost and timescales for completion.

If your car has failed it’s NCT and work is required please get in touch and we will be happy to quote for the repair work.

Don’t forget that an NCT re-test must be completed within 30 days of the original test date, so we recommend completing any remedial work as soon as possible.

How will I be kept informed?

Here at Donnellan Auto Services, we pride ourselves on our transparency and client satisfaction.

We will never complete any work without your consent, meaning any unexpected charges will never catch you off guard.

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Customer Feedback

  • Meagan Lynch

    15th December 2022

    Great service. Despite being completely booked out took care of my car after an emergency.

  • James Mannion

    3rd December 2022

    Donnellan Auto Services replaced a headlight and did a full service on our BMW 520, they also did a very thorough diagnostics check on the car. Very professional and honest to deal with, attention to detail was second to none. Will definitely be back.

  • Kevin J.K. Bolger

    24th November 2022

    My first time to use Donnellan Services. Nothing was a bother for them. Very professional to deal with.
    Will definitely return .
    Thank you John and his team.

  • David Corcoran

    18th November 2022

    Very pleased with the service provided by Donnellan’s. They changed the timing belt on my A5 for me and did a vehicle inspection. The car was valeted before return. I found them to be very professional and helpful, and I will certainly use their services again.

  • Jim Mcdonnell

    4th November 2022

    Booked a 10 am appointment to check the headlamps on my vw Passat complied with NCT requirements prior to test,handled over the keys, within two minutes I was informed the lamps could not be adjusted i asked what were my options two new units was the reply but the man implied as they were only slightly of it may pass. I left the reception feeling very surprised and shocked with advice i was... Read More

  • Rachel Cosgrove

    20th October 2022

    I was very happy with the service which was performed on my car. I was kept up to date of repairs and all costs involved. I would highly recommend Donnellans and will definitely return for my next service.

  • Patricia Carton

    21st April 2022

    This is my go to garage for all my car's needs.
    This week my son had an emergency situation, travelling to visit me, so I called John for advice.
    He provided me with a phone number to get my son help (stranded with a burst tyre on the motorway with 3 small children).
    He then took the car in, gave it the once over, advised me of what needed doing and carried out the necessary... Read More

  • Sean Lyons

    14th July 2021

    Our car broke down outside hotel we were staying in which is about a mile from this garage (DAS). We phoned Donnellan Auto Services. They came out tested battery, took the car and replaced the battery and returned the car all within an hour. Simply outstanding

Helping you prepare for your NCT Galway!

If you need our help to prepare your car for its NCT or NCT re-test in Galway, contact us today.