Top Reasons to Choose Us

  • Personalised Service Supplier - A genuine alternative to the franchise dealer
  • Donnellan Auto Services provide a 24/7 Call out and Recovery Service
  • Free Collection and Delivery Service of vehicles within the Galway city area within 5 miles from Oranmore.
  • All servicing is carried out at Manufacturer recommended service intervals
  • We are member of SIMI which means we:
    • Only allow appropriately qualified staff to work on a vehicle
    • Keep all old parts that are replaced for a period of time and educate the customer as to what work was completed
    • What is quoted is what is charged. There will be no increase from the quote unless additional work identified by the garage is authorised by you.
    • We carry out a service to the standard recommended by the Manufacturer.
    • Use only original parts or parts of matching quality.
  • Our Retail is €50 per hour exclusive of vat
  • A Comprehensive Service History of all vehicles is kept on our data base
  • DOE(CVRT) tests arranged and preparations carried out.
    • We have an excellent working relationship with all local DOE (CVRT)test centres.
    • The Galway Truck Centre, JJ Flemings, Burkes Brothers and Leahy's Garage.
  • All estimates and repairs are compiled using standard published repair times
  • Air-Conditioning Servicing and Repair
  • 3D Wheel Alignment System
  • Electronic Diagnostic Services - Auto Logic - and more
  • OEM Quality Parts
  • Total and ELF Oil Products
  • We only use oils that are approved by the vehicle manufacturer

Vehicle Inspection

One of main service in a range of garage services, Donnellan Auto specialises in the servicing and diagnostics of all makes of car. We go the extra mile in servicing each vehicle to the highest level of manufacturer’s specification. Our professionals use the latest synthetic and long life oils as recommended by a vehicle’s manufacturer.

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Preventive maintenance

It is important to keep your vehicle safe throughout the year. That's why at Donnellan Auto we offer round-the-year to keep your car in up and running. Our technicians take about 30 minutes to do a thorough evaluation of your car and provide you with a written copy of the report on its completion. If we identify any issues you are under no obligation to leave your vehicle with us, but if you would wish otherwise would be happy to provide a quote.

EGR Valve Failure.

1.6 HDi vehicles with engines developed by the French PSA group. Currently these engines can be used in Citroën and Peugeot 1.6 HDi, Mazda 1.6 MZ-CD, Ford 1.6 TdCi and Volvo 1.6D.


- Sometimes the engine does not start or it stops while on the move.

- The engine warning light stays on constantly.

- reading of the fault codes, the following stored codes may be detected:

  • P1586 - Throttle Control Unit - Supply voltage too low
    - For those vehicles in which the power supply of the throttle position sensor is independent, the fault code that will appear will be P1586.
  • P0698 - Sensor reference voltage C-Circuit Low
    - In the case of the fault P0698 – Sensor Reference Voltage C – Circuit low, it consists of 5 V power supply from the Engine Unit to a few sensors the most likely problem is the EGR valve is internally shorting the 5 V supply from the engine control unit.
  • Some other fault code may appear, but it will probably be caused by the engine stopping.

Depending on the engine, the causes of failures can be different.

Electrical testing must be carried out before condemning the EGR valve.

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Diagnostic Services

At Donnellan Auto Services, we constantly invest in our cutting-edge Auto Diagnostic programme. We have in place a fixed price Diagnosis fee to access on-board computer on your vehicle, read their fault codes and clear them if necessary. We use a number of diagnostic computer tools to cover hundreds of vehicle systems on the market and updating their databases monthly. We also consider them to be essential tools during our work of car Servicing and Repairs.

SPECIALISING IN THE Diagnostic repairs of -

Car Repair

In our state-of-the art workshop, we carry out repairs all brands of cars. Our mechanics have the expertise to do anything ranging from changing a wiper blade to full engine rebuilds. Be it suspension systems to cooling systems, tyre alignment to transmission servicing, brake repair to change of oil, we put a lot of focus on vehicle inspections and preventive maintenance programs.

Dpf Diesel particulate Filter cleaning& repairs

partner with

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Wheel Alignment

Wheels and tyres need to be adjusted every now and then to put everything back in the right place. A wheel alignment is just that – ensuring the angle of the tire is parallel with the road. You can trust our certified technicians to inspect and align your tires at the most cost-effective prices.

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Brand new tyres or repairing old ones, we do it all. What's more, at Donellan, you can choose from a wide variety of tyres for your vehicle. Allow our mechanics to check the pressure and wear and tear on your existing tyres as well. We also deal in highly reputed tyre brands such as Yokohama, Bridgestone, Starmax, Pirelli, Goodyear, Michelin, Fullrun and Continental.


We only stock top quality batteries which deliver the performance your car needs for cold starts and the increased electrical demands of the modern vehicle.

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Air Conditioning and Heating Service

Maintenance - At Donellan, Our mechanics are committed to ensure the Air Conditioning and Heating Service functions at its optimal capacity for the safety and reliability of your car. Our mechanics are trained and equipped to perform factory-suggested maintenance services for most vehicles.

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