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vw garage galway

VW Garage Galway

Your local, independent VW Garage Galway

With over 20 year’s experience, Donnellan Auto Services are your local VW Garage Galway.

We care for your VW needs, from servicing and repairs to preparing for your NCT, with a the professionalism and expertise you would expect from a main VW dealer but without the prices!

We guarantee quality and reassurance that your VW is in safe hands and offer a first-time fix for you and your VW. We use genuine VW parts and follow the guidelines recommended by the VW manufacturer to ensure the integrity of your VW.

If you are looking for excellent service without comparison, and all at better value than the VW Galway dealer, contact Donnellan Auto Services, your local VW Garage Galway today.

vw garage galway

VW Car Service

The performance and longevity of your VW are very much dependent on servicing your vehicle regularly, finding faults before they become costly headaches.

At Donnellan Auto Services VW Garage Galway, we can help you keep your VW working in top condition at a great price.

Yes, we have access to VW dealer equipment, information and parts, but you would expect this from a VW garage, wouldn’t you? Where we’re different is that our VW technicians have a passion and expertise in all things VW, allowing them to understand your Volkswagen and deliver better servicing results, just as the manufacturer intended.

VW servicing with our team of experts will offer fuel efficiency, increased performance and longevity to the life of your VW, and we will also keep your existing VW warranties intact.

servicing vw garage galway


Take the hassle out of your VW NCT and book with our VW specialists.

We can help prepare your VW for it’s NCT or undertake any remedial repairs identified by the test.

Here at Donnellan Auto Services VW Garage Galway, we are happy to combine your annual VW service with your NCT, saving you time and money. Contact our team on 91 792474 to arrange your appointment today.

mot vw garage galway

For all your VW servicing and repairs needs – call Donnellan Auto Services VW Garage Galway

tyres vw garage galway

VW Tyres Galway

Your tyres are what connect you to the road, and they are crucial in keeping you safe.

Making sure your tyres are within legal requirements can save you from accidents and potential fines. Contact us today for your tyre assessment.

air con vw garage galway

VW Air Con Galway

Your VW Air con is responsible for demisting your windscreen and keeping the engine running at the right temperature, as well as keeping you cool in the summer.

If your air conditioning is due a service, contact our team for our earliest appointment.

brakes vw garage galway

VW Brakes Galway

Over 25% of all road accidents could be avoided if the vehicle’s brakes were maintained correctly.

So if you have noticed a change in your stopping distance or grinding noise when you use your brakes, please get in touch immediately and book in for a brake check.

batteries vw garage galway

VW Batteries Galway

Have you noticed dimmed headlights or clicking noise when you start your engine?

Your battery may be running low. Call to book in with us today and avoid the hassle of a flat battery.

diagnostics vw garage galway

VW Diagnostics Galway

Using our proven 15 step diagnostic process allows us to find hidden faults that other garages might miss.

No guesswork. No swapping out parts. This gives our clients a first-time fix. To book your appointment today.

For all your VW servicing and repairs needs – call Donnellan Auto Services VW Garage Galway

gearbox vw garage galway

VW Clutch and Gearbox Galway

Catching a problem with your clutch or gearbox early could save you a lot of money and time.

So if you feel grinding or keep missing a gear, book in for your clutch and gearbox assessment with our expert VW technicians at Donnellan Auto Services.

dpf vw garage galway

VW DFP Galway

A faulty Diesel Particulate Filter can be the difference between a pass or fail on your NCT. Your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is working to reduce your vehicle emissions.

Our team is happy to help before it becomes a problem. For your VW DPF check, call us today at Donnellans Auto Services.

exhausts vw garage galway

VW Exhausts Galway

A faulty exhaust system will not only reduce the performance, it can also be costly.

If you are struggling with performance and seem to be burning through fuel quicker than usual, please speak to one of our team at Donnellan Auto Services today, who will be happy to help.

To learn more about how we help VW Galway owners get quality service and value for money, check our blog for real-life client fixes

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my VW service?

As your local VW Garage Galway, we take pride in our honest and transparent approach, keeping our clients in complete control of their VW maintenance.

After our initial inspection, we will present you with our recommendations and allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding our suggestions. The decision is yours, and you will never have the shock of hidden charges for work you didn’t approve.

donnellan auto services galway

For all your VW servicing and repairs needs – call Donnellan Auto Services VW Garage Galway

Additional benefits of choosing Donnellan Auto Services:

courtesy cars at donnellan auto services

Courtesy Car

We have partnered with Enterprise Car Rental who can provide you with great rates if you need a car whilst we care for your vehicle. Please let our team know when booking your appointment and we can provide you with more detail.

out of hours at donnellans auto services

Out of hours drop off and collection

Don’t reschedule your diary for your VW Service. Use our out of hours drop off and collection service instead and keep your day running smoothly. Let our team know, and we can arrange this straight away.

finance at donnellan auto services

Finance Payment Plans

We offer flexible finance plans to make sure you can maintain your VW on a budget. Please speak to one of our team for more information.

recovery services at donnellans auto services

24/7 call out and recovery

The stress of breaking down is enough without worrying about how your car will get back to a garage for fixing. Our 24/7 call out and recovery service is there to return you and your vehicle to safety.

Customer Feedback

  • Rachel Cosgrove

    20th October 2022

    I was very happy with the service which was performed on my car. I was kept up to date of repairs and all costs involved. I would highly recommend Donnellans and will definitely return for my next service.

  • Patricia Carton

    21st April 2022

    This is my go to garage for all my car's needs.
    This week my son had an emergency situation, travelling to visit me, so I called John for advice.
    He provided me with a phone number to get my son help (stranded with a burst tyre on the motorway with 3 small children).
    He then took the car in, gave it the once over, advised me of what needed doing and carried out the necessary... Read More

  • Sean Lyons

    14th July 2021

    Our car broke down outside hotel we were staying in which is about a mile from this garage (DAS). We phoned Donnellan Auto Services. They came out tested battery, took the car and replaced the battery and returned the car all within an hour. Simply outstanding


Why drive miles to the nearest VW dealer when you have access to a specialist VW team in the accessible location of Oranmore Business Park, just off exit 19 from the M6 motorway.

A five-star service, great value for money and a convenient location – all available with Donnellan Auto Service VW Garage Galway.

Donnellan Auto Services Galway

For all your VW servicing and repairs needs – Donnellan Auto Services VW Garage Galway