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wheel alignment galway

Wheel Alignment Galway

Donnellan Auto Services - Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment is about having all your wheels in the proper position and at the right angle to ensure your car is safe.

It also makes sure that you reduce the wear and tear on your tyres, saving you money on new tyres.

Tyre manufacturers recommend annual wheel alignment. Wheel alignment becomes even more critical when your wheels have been subjected to kerbs, potholes and speed bumps.

If you feel a slight pull on your steering whilst driving, or you would like to have your wheel alignment checked, book in with our technicians for your wheel alignment Galway appointment today.

wheel alignment galway

What is 4 wheel alignment?

A 4-wheel alignment is about adjusting all four wheels, including a front and rear toe and caster adjustment.

Having a 4-wheel alignment can ensure optimum performance and extend the life of tyres and steering components.

wheel alignment galway

How do I know if my alignment is wrong?

Here are some simple checks you can complete, which should let you know if your wheel alignment is wrong.

  • Are your tyres squealing whilst driving?
  • Does your car noticeably pull to one side?
  • Do your tyres look excessively worn in one section?
  • Does your steering wheel appear crooked even when you are driving straight?

If you have noticed any of these issues, there is a chance your wheel alignment is out. Book in with our technicians today, and let us keep you safely on the road.

wheel alignment galway

How much does wheel alignment cost?

The cost of wheel alignment in Galway varies depending on what vehicle you have and how much work needs doing to get your alignment back to top condition.

To find out more about the service, call us today.

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